Installing RDRAM
1) Place the computer power switch in the "off" position and disconnect the AC power cord.


2) Open the computer following the instructions in the owners manual.

3) Before touching any eletronic compnents, make sure you first touch a grounded metal object to discharge any static electricity.

4) Usually there will be two metal sticks followed by two green continuity modules. These continuity modules will be removed and replaced with the new memory .

5) The ejector tabs, shown in the image below, are used to remove the modules. By pushing outward on the ejector tabs, the module will pop-up from the socket.


6) After removing the continuity modules insert the new memory into the avaiable sockets. Note how the module is keyed to the socket. This ensures the modules can be plugged into the socket one way only. Firmly press the module into position, making certain the module is completly seated in the socket. The ejector tabs at each end of the socket will automatically snap into the locked position.


7) Close the Computer

8) Plug in the AC power cord and turn on the computer.


9) Proceed through any screens indicating a change in memory.