Asus P4T 533-C RDRAM

My son has an ASUS mother board and needs more Ram. He has 1/2GB from 2 256 4 x 184 pin sticks. I want to get him more memory and have some questons. I have asked him to let me know the type of ASUS mother board but I need to know the difference between PC800 40 and PC800 45 and if PC800 sticks are compatible with PC1066 sticks or if the mother board can only have similar types of sticks installed in pairs. It might also help to know which is faster. My son uses his computer for editing Films and adding special effects so speed might be important. the board is a ASUS P4T 533-C, at least that is what he told me. He does have 2 sticks which give him 1/2 GB but was unable to tell me what speed they were. He did tell me his mother board can only support 2GB so that is the limit I can buy for him. Please let me know which type of memory I need to get and the most efficient manor it is available in. I know he only has 4 slots and two are filled. Can the 1/2GB be sold or is there a way to get 11/2 GB in 2 sticks?

Your son's computer is compatible with both  PC800-40 RDRAM and   PC1066 RDRAM.

You can purchase a 1GB (2x512) upgrade of either specification and add this memory in addition to the 512mb he currently has installed for a total of 1.5GB.
This will be a fairly drastic increase in performance.

I would personally recommend the  1GB (2x512) PC800-40 RDRAM as the best upgrade. While PC1066 memory is a bit faster, the price increase usually is not justifiable for such a small increase in speed.

All of our memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!
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