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I have a DELL DIMENSION 8200 2ghz, with 400fsb. Your memory selector comes up with pc800 -40ns as a number of sites does, but some dont, but DELL claims the memory that came with it was pc800-45ns latency. So I looked at one of the cards and sure enough it has pc800-45 on it. I was going to buy 2, or a kit of 2, 512mb 40ns cards for 1gb and swap out the 2, 128mb cards in slots 1 and 2, and which you have for $324.95. These your memory selector recommended! But now that I see that it actually has 45ns cards in the machine and they are DELL supplied, I could get 2gb of the 45s at $479.95. But you say they are not compatible. Then again if I buy the 40ns pair, would they run with the other 2, 256-45ns cards being 45ns types? My DELL book on specifications unfortuneately doesn't say anything about latency. But the actual memory cards and some other DELL sites shows 45NS.

If your system currently has PC800-45 memory installed, then this memory can also be used as your upgrade (it is also a good bit cheaper). We recommend PC800-40 for Dimension 8200's because 90% of these machines do require the PC800-40.

Again, all of our PC800-45 RDRAM  is guaranteed compatible with your computer.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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