Dell Dimension 8100 1Gb Ram Upgrade

I'm looking to upgrade the ram on my Dell Dimension 8100. I'm told it requires RDRAM, and my original purchase material seems to confirm this but I want to be sure. I currently have only 128 meg , Im looking to inrease to 512 meg or maybe 1gig. My questions are as follows: #1 What type of RDRam do I need? (specs. likepins,Htz,bits,volts,ns ) #2 How can I tell how much maximum expansion space I have ? ( I think my original paper work indicated to 1Gig if I'm interpreting it correctly. ) #3 Do the memory sticks always have to be installed as pairs ?

1. All of our  PC800-45 RDRAM is guaranteed compatible with your Dimension 8100. (In fact, about 60% of our sales are specifically for your model of this computer.)
2. If you currently have 128mb, then you actually have 2 sticks of 64mb installed, with two more memory slots free. This allows you to add memory in addition to the amount you currently have.
3. RDRAM always has to be installed in pairs.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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