Dimension 8100 1.3Ghz Windows XP

I have a Dell Dimension 8100 130GHz desktop. Currently I have 2-128 MB and 2-64MB (total 384MB) in the machine. Must I change all 4 slots or can I remove the 2 64's and replace them with 2 256's or 2 512's? I'm using Windows XP Home Addition. The problem I'm having is my computer has gotten very slow and I continue to get messages that programs I'm working in are "not responding". Is it reasonable I'm short on memory and should more memory fix the problem? What's the chance my hard drive is going bad and is there a test for this before I spend money on memory? What would you recommend I do?

- You can switch out your 2 - 64mb sticks for the 512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM kit

- Honestly, computer problems are next to impossible to diagnose offsite, however I can say that 384mb is simply not enough memory to run XP. Even Microsoft recommends 1Gb of memory. I think the 512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM will be the perfect value for you with a total of 768mb of memory you should see a drastic increase in system response. It is very possible that your
problems are being caused by insufficient memory, but again, it is also possible that they are not memory related. However, in either case your system would definitely be better off with more than 384mb of memory.

The memory I have recommended above is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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