FUJITSU SIEMENS Euroline P4 Memory

1. My computer H/W Spec: - FUJITSU SIEMENS Euroline P4 - 2 x 128 MB Samsung Rambus RIMMs (Part No MR16R0828BN1-CK8) - 'Award Software' Modular BIOS v6.00PG (WT 70-EC v1.3 FSC 10/16/2001) - System is i850 based (10/16/200-i850-W83627-6A69SD4AC-00) 2. Please confirm the following Part Numbers are compatible with the H/W Spec cited in paragraph 1 above: - 512MB ECC RIMM (x4), Part Numbers: MR18R162GAF0-CK8 or MR18R162GDF0-CK8 3. If the Part Numbers cited in paragraph 2 above are not correct, what is the correct part numbers for 4 x 512MB ECC RIMM that will be paired to work on the H/W as specified in paragraph 1 above. 4. Would you please advise me of availability and prices of the parts cited in paragraphs 2 & 3 above. 5. What will be the refund procedure should your supplied parts be incompatible with my H/W.

Thanks for your question!

The model numbers you have listed are specifically for Samsung memory.
Our memory comes from all of the major manufacturers (Elpida, Samsung, Toshiba, ect). Our inventory is always changing- I couldn't guarantee that you would receive Samsung memory specifically.

Of course, the specification is what ensures compatibility. The Euroline P4 can only accept a maximum of 1GB of memory. As such I would recommend our  512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM kit which would give you a total of 768mb of memory. This memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.

Please let me know if you need any other assistance!
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