Samsung RDRAM PC800-45

I have a 5 year old computer that is still fast.. In this computer I have 512 MB. Ram: 2 modules Rimm (Samsung ) that have this code FROM THE LABEL: korea 0144 256mb/16 MR16R082GBN1-CK8 800-45 101 I still have 2 free slots to accommodate 2 x 256 Mb RIMM. I can not find it here in Italy. I would like to buy two additional RIMM.

Thanks for your question!

All of our  PC800-45 RDRAM matches the specifications you have described. The  512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM as you mentioned will be compatible as well.

This memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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