PC1066 RDRAM Alongiside Pc800-40 In Dimension 8250

I presently have an otherwise full functional Dell Dimension 8250 with two 128Mb RIMMs of RDRAM PC1066. Dell Tech Support says I can remove the PC1066 Memory and install PC800 Memory instead. The Max Memory capacity of the Motherboard according to Dell is 1.5 Gigs of PC1066 Rimms or 2 Gigs of PC800 Rimms. If I know I can not use my existing PC1066 Rimms in Combination with any PC 800 Rimms. Dell was clear on that. What I don't know is if I want to make the switch from PC1066 Rimms to PC800 Rimms which type of PC800 Rimm, 40 or 45, is right for this motherboard. As the price of PC1066 Rimms is extremely high, and I could replace my two PC1066 of 128Mb each with two PC800 Rimms of 512Mbs each now and still add two more PC800Rimms of 512mb each later, that seems like the best plan to keep this computer serving my needs for 2 or 3 more years rather than buying two 256Mb Rimms of PC1066 now and later removing the PC1066 128Mb rimms to replace them with 512Mb Rimms of PC1066. PC1066 is just so expensive it would make more sense to replace the computer than to maximize the memory. I really don't want to replace the computer anytime soon. With all the difficulty people have had with Windows Vista I am waiting to get a new Computer after Microsoft Replaces Vista with a much less troubled operating system. So you know I need to know which PC800 is the right one to use instead of PC1066 Rimms and you know that I need a sensible and affordable way to keep this computer functioning for a while longer. Please advise me as to which Memory will address my needs best.

You can install  PC800-40 RDRAM into the Dimension 8250. And despite what Dell says, you can actually install this alongside your  PC1066 RDRAM.

Personally, I would recommend upgrading to  1GB (2x512) PC800-40 RDRAM which can be added to the 256mb you currently have install for a total of 1280mb. This would be the best value upgrade for your machine.

All of the memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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