Dell Precision 530 RDRAM

I am interested in purchase some new memory. Can you tell me the manufacture and the warranty for this product. It this memory offered new, used or reurbished memory? From what I can tell this RDRAM will work with my Dell Precision 530 duo processor computer. I presently have four sticks of 256 and I want to increase my ram to a total of 2 GB. I want to know the totally cost with shipping included and any taxes if they apply.

The memory is OEM and is from one of the major manufacturers: Samsung, Elpida, Toshiba, ect.
As such I couldn't explicitly guarantee that it will be one or the other, however, it is all of the same high quality and specification.

All of our  PC800-45 RDRAM is guaranteed compatible in the Precision 530. There will be no tax, shipping can be estimated by adding an item to your cart and then entering your zip code at the bottom of the page (between $7 & $9 Priority)

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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