Gateway 700X RDRAM

I have a Gateway 700x, pc800 and have 4 slots rdram memory, 2 of which have 1 card each 256mb/8 with 2 slots empty. I took one of the memory cards out, here is a list of the numbers on it. Korea 0204 256MB/8
MR16R1628AFO-CKS 800-45 011
Part# 5000616. This to me says I need 2 more cards PC800-45 not 40 which is contary to what your memory finder says. I'm confused as I have never upgraded before. I beleive it is Non-Ecc as i would think it would say on there somewhere. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Most of the 700x's did require PC800-40 RDRAM, however, as you stated your computer appears to be running on PC800-45 rdram.
This makes all of our  PC800-45 RDRAM compatible. This memory is guaranteed to work and can be returned for any reason.
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