RDRAM Installation Tips

I received the memory I ordered today. When I put it in, the computer started to beep and then I took it out and the memory was hot. What are my options here. I put the old memory back in and it was fine. It seems to be not enough power for this memory.

You ordered the 2GB (4x512) PC800-40 RDRAM. This is the correct memory for the Dimension 8200. I'd first to like you to check to ensure that all of the memory you received is PC800-40. It will have this specification written on the label of the memory.

First of all, hot RDRAM is normal and is nothing to worry about, this memory is designed to run at very hot temperatures and can do so without problem. (However, it is smart to keep the heat in mind when changing memory).

When the computer beeps, it means there is a memory error. Do not worry though, as the computer is designed to protect against this, and there is no way this can cause any harm to your computer. Most of the time, this error occurs because the memory is not completely seated into the memory slots. RDRAM is very particular about this- most of the time the memory looks like it is completely in, but is not.

Remove all of your old memory and placeholders (if any) and install all of the new memory again. Take extra care to make sure the notches are lining up correctly and the memory is completely snapping into place. You may want to take the computer out and lay it on it's side to do this properly. After installing the memory, turn the computer on again. If it does not work, please repeat the removal & installation process two more times just to be sure. Again, this can be a bit tricky to get right and is worth trying multiple times so we can be 100% sure.

If this does not work, give one pair of the new memory a try installed alongside one pair of your older memory.

In any case, let me know the results of these steps
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