General RDRAM Questions

1). Why is the RD Ram so much more expensive than the DDR or DS Ram?

2). Based on the cost of the RD Ram, isn;t it better just to buy a new computer?

3). I currently have 256K of RD Ram installed in my Dell 8200. If I buy 512K of RD Ram, are there additional slots to add this to my existing 256K for a total RAM of 768K or remove the existing 256K and only have a total of 512K?

1. RDRAM was never produced in quantities that would allow its price to come down. Secondly, it was a very fast memory for its time which greatly increased the cost.
2. It really depends on what you are planning on doing with the computer, which leads to:
3. Yes, you can install the 512mb alongside your current 256mb for a total of 768mb. With 768mb you should see a fairly drastic increase in system responsiveness, especially in basic office/internet/email tasks. Unless you are gaming or editing videos your computer should be adept at handling anything you need it to.

All of our memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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