PCV-RX480DS Vaio Maximum Upgrade

I have a Sony Vaio, PCV-RX480DS VAIO Digital Studio and I want to upgrade my memory.

My computer uses RDRAM, also known as Rambus(R) memory, on 184-pin RIMMs. 800mhz ECC type.

Do you sell it? If so how much for two sticks of 128MB RDRam? I have two 128's now and two 56's now and I want to swap out two sticks of 56MB RDRam with the 128's, so that it will then have 4 sticks of 128. Max the computer can take is 512.

You are correct in that the PCV-RX480DS has a maximum memory amount of 512mb.
The only set we sell that would be compatible with this compute would be our  512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM. Installing this memory would require the removal of your current memory. We do not sell anything below a 512mb kit.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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