Maximum memory for Dell Dimension 8250

I would like to add memory to a Dell Dimension 8250 having a pair of 512 MB PC1066 RDRAMs (non-ECC). The other two RIMM connectors are empty. I would like to add another GB of memory. However, the Dell Technical Specifications for the Dimension 8250 Series states "Maximum memory" "2 GB for PC800" and "1.5 GB for PC1066".

Can I add another GB of PC1066 to this computer, or am I limited to adding just 512 MB using PC1066? (I really do not want to switch to all PC800 memory and suffer the 20% or greater speed loss.)

Is the PC1066 you sell for this computer non-ECC?

Thank you.

The specifications from Dell are indeed correct: 2Gb on PC800-40 and 1.5Gb on PC1066.
I have had several customers in the past go for the 2Gb on PC800-40 (by purchasing the  1GB (2x512) PC800-40 RDRAM) ; their response was the additional memory more than made up for any increased latency. Plus the 1Gb PC800-40 is $150 cheaper than the 1GB PC1066.

Ultimately, it is your call-
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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