PC800-45 RDRAM vs PC800-40 Dimension 8200 1.8Ghz

Gentlemen: I have a Dell 8200, 1,8 GHZ with only 256 RDRAM. I would like to increase the memory with an additional 1 GB (2x512), but I am not sure if I should order from you PC800-40 RDRAM or PC800-45 RDRAM. Would you kindly let me know?.

The reason for my confusion ( in addition to my limited knowledge about RDRAM), is that when reading the F.A.Q. in your website, I found that under the topic "Dell Dimension 8200 Samsung RDRAM" you advise the client that the computer has a PC800-45 RDRAM. On the other hand under the topic "Dimension 8200 PC800-40 RDRAM", you advise the client to purchase PC-800-40 RDRAM.

I am looking forward to your advice to enable me to order the right RDRAM memory from you.

Dimension 8200's with Processors <2.26Ghz use PC800-45 RDRAM. Processors 2.26Ghz or higher use PC800-40 RDRAM.
I hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any other questions!
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