Multiple Dimension 8200 Installation & Performance Questions

I was told by support at norton, that I only have 256mb of ram and that is why my computer slows down when I install norton 360. If I purchase the 512mb kit, can I place the 512 in operation with the 256 I have on board? to install would i place a 256 in slot 1 and a 128 in slot 2 or a 256 in slot 1 & 2 and a 128 in slot 3&4. would I need to expand to a 1024 mb? or would a 512 expansion be adequate? my processor speed is 2.26 mhz intel with a 525 front side bus. it is a dell dimension 8200 desk style would that be enough ram or should I go for the 1024 kit... Also my bios is A05 would I need to upgrade bios to address the ram? Thanks & by best guess I ask this because I really don't know how much if any ram addition will help my problem, not an answer I would hold you or your company to, just best guess?

All of our PC800-40 RDRAM is indeed compatible with your computer.

You likely have 2 sticks of 128mb installed right now, with 2 crimms (placeholders). You can indeed do as you previously stated: install 512mb (2x256) PC800-40 RDRAM where your placeholders currently our now; leaving your current memory installed for a total of 768mb.

This memory is guaranteed to work in your computer and can be returned for any reason. You will not need to upgrade your BIOS to install the memory. Just install the memory (instructions included) and boot up the computer. The computer will recognize the added memory and proceed with startup.

The 512mb vs 1gb is tough call for me to make without knowing how the computer is used. However, a couple of guidelines are: Windows XP recommends 1gb of memory for proper operation. You will have 3 times your current memory if you buy the 512mb kit (256 x 3 = 768); and 5 times the memory with the 1gb upgrade. Either upgrade will be significant speed increase from your current setup; the 1gb will simply take it further and make the computer that much more fluid in its operation. With today's applications I'd say the total of 768mb would be a minimum for headache-free operation and the 1280mb total would be the recommended amount if you have are willing to spend the money.

Again, all of this memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason. So if you purchase one set and would like to switch to another; this can be done rather easily.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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