Dimension 8200 (400mhz FSB) RDRAM Pairs

I have a Dimension 8200 (400)fsb. I would like to increase the memory. I am presently using all 4 slots. Upgraded a long time ago. Here is what I have: 128mb; 128mg; 256mb and 256mb. I was told i need RIMM enabled modules. Do you have these older modules? What is the price? Do they come in pairs?

We do indeed have the correct modules for the 400mhz FSB Dimension 8200. All of our  PC800-45 RDRAM is guaranteed compatible with this computer.
I would recommend either the  512mb (2x256) PC800-45 RDRAM  or  1GB (2x512) PC800-45 RDRAM  upgrade kits as you can keep your existing 2 sticks of 256mb and install these sets in place of your current 128mb sticks.

All of this memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason.
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