Dimension 8250 2GB RDRAM Upgrade Value

Iam looking to upgrade my ram memory from 512 to 2gb. Would you be prepared to do a deal for me... on 2 gb. My machine is a dell, dimension 8250. Many thanks

All of our  PC800-40 RDRAM is guaranteed compatible with your computer including our  2GB (4x512) PC800-40 RDRAM kit which is currently $594.95(usd) during our Summer Sale.

Personally, I would recommend purchasing the  1GB (2x512) PC800-40 RDRAM as the best valued upgrade for your machine. This is because the 1Gb kit allows you to use your existing memory for a total of 1.5Gb. You will have a similar amount of memory as in the 2Gb kit, but will spend alot less money.

All of our memory is guaranteed compatible and can be returned for any reason!
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