Dimesion 8200 (533mhz FSB) RDRAM

I'm looking for RDRam memory - two sticks 800 -40 (For a Dell 8200) It needs to be 40 and not 45. The 45 is not compatible with my mother board. I see on your website that you have 2 sticks for around $174 and I just want to make sure it's 40 and not 45. Also if expidited shipping is available and the cost. Thank you

Our  512mb (2x256) PC800-40 RDRAM  is indeed PC800-40 memory.
This memory is guaranteed compatible in the Dimension 8200 and can be returned for any reason.
You can calculate shipping by adding this item to your cart and entering your zip code at the bottom of the page.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
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